How to Have a Great Fantasy Football Draft Party

fantasy draft party

When the calendar hits August, football season has nearly arrived. Gridiron play used to just mean going to a game or watching it on television, but when fantasy football arrived, the chance to show friends or co-workers your football expertise became possible.

One of the central aspects of any fantasy football league is the player draft. This event doesn't have to be dull, with most groups choosing to throw a party in conjunction with the selecting.

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How to Draft a Kicker and Defense for Your Fantasy Football Team

fantasy football supplies

Drafting a winning fantasy football team isn't an exact science, and it often takes only one or two poor draft picks to ruin your entire season. This is why it's vital that you spend some time beforehand to consider your fantasy draft boards and create rankings of each position and player. By doing so, you can go a long way towards getting the most value out of each pick, which should in turn give you a much better chance of coming away with your league's fantasy football trophy at the end of the year.

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How to Develop a Pre-Draft Strategy to Dominate In Fantasy Football

fantasy football draft strategy

Taking part in a fantasy football league can be a heck of a lot of fun, but it can also quickly turn into a drag should you fail to properly prepare for the draft and end up with a dud team. Unfortunately, the many complexities of fantasy football mean that this isn't always as easy as it seems. However, by following these tips and developing a sound pre-draft strategy, you'll give yourself a much better chance of taking home your fantasy football trophy at the end of the season, and more importantly, the bragging rights that go along with it.

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Welcome to MyDraftDay!

Welcome to our new website! We're busy working on getting things ready on, but check back often for the latest fantasy draft supplies and products!

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