About Us

As one of the leading suppliers of fantasy football draft kits and other fantasy supplies online, MyDraftDay has everything you need to ensure this year's draft is the best one yet. As avid fantasy football players ourselves, the team at MyDraftDay has designed each and every item so as to facilitate a smooth, enjoyable and hassle-free draft experience.

The 10, 12, 16 and 20 team draft boards and quality draft labels make it easy to keep track of each pick in real time, providing a much more realistic, exciting draft. You can easily find a wide range of fantasy draft kits to suit leagues of any size or style, all of which include a large-format draft board and color-coded player labels for every single potential pick. Preparing for a live fantasy draft is no easy task, but MyDraftDay's fantasy draft kits can simplify the whole process, eliminating confusion and ensuring that your draft doesn't threaten to stretch through the entire weekend just like the real thing.

No fantasy football league is really complete without a live draft day party, and MyDraftDay can help make your draft party more complete with customized pint glasses, bottle openers, flasks and much more. We also carry a wide selection of t-shirts to ensure you sport the right look on draft day, as well as a variety of trophies to reward this year's league winner.

All of MyDraftDay's fantasy football draft kits and draft supplies are designed and produced with a strong focus on quality so you can eliminate any worries when the big day finally rolls around. There's nothing worse than showing up to a draft day party only to find out you have to keep track of everything on a spreadsheet or a piece of paper. Therefore, make sure you earn the respect of your league by making sure you're fully set up with fantasy draft kits and supplies from MyDraftDay.

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