Folded vs. Rolled Draft Boards

When you add our boards to your cart, you will be able to choose between folded and rolled draft boards. If you choose rolled, for a small additional charge we will ship yours to you in a large blueprint tube, and your board will be rolled, not folded. Please note: the weight of the blueprint tube will be calculated in the shipping cost of your items.

When we started - we set out to make Fantasy Football Live Draft products that we wanted....but couldn't find anywhere! Along with that was a desire to have flat draft-boards - ones that wouldn't fold up on us as made our season changing RB pick. So, we started off shipping all of our draft boards in blueprint tubes - hence our original 'NO MORE CREASED DRAFT BOARDS!' ads. Unfortunately, packaging everything in blueprint tubes adds a whole lot of weight to a shipment...which means higher shipping prices for our customers.

In the interest of saving our more price-conscious customers some hard-earned cash, our normal shipping methods now include folding draft boards and shipping in low-weight packaging. Cutting down on shipping weight = lower prices for you, the consumer. That's good, right?  Well...we think so, because most of our kits go out this way these days... the interest of the die-hard Drafters, not to mention our original and loyal customers that order from us every year, we still wanted to provide the blueprint tube option so we can still say 'NO MORE CREASED DRAFT BOARDS!'

Good luck this year!