When Is the Time to Replace an Underperforming Fantasy Quarterback?

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Prior to the start of every NFL season, there will fantasy football draft boards across the nation that have key players listed. These countless options can make the difference between winning a fantasy football trophy and being an also-ran, with one of the key strategies being the selection of a quality fantasy quarterback.

The mystery that surfaces seemingly every year is that the fantasy quarterback you choose may have hit a rough patch or has struggled since the season began. Given the fact that each week of games whittles away the chances of improving your numbers, you eventually have to decide when to replace that signal caller.

Listed below are some tips on when to make that decision:

Preaching Patience

Slow starts happen all the time, with some players bouncing back and others stumbling their way through a miserable year. Unfortunately, fantasy football draft boards don't offer any hint as to which way a particular player will go. That means that you have to be patient with veterans that have early-season issues.

In most cases, veteran signal callers with a proven track record get back on track, either because of the weak defenses they end up facing or their ability to detect the origin of their problems. Giving up on them after a few weeks could end up costing you that fantasy football trophy, so make sure to hold off on this situation until the middle of the season.

Talent Availability

A passer's numbers are the byproduct of the offensive weapons he has at his disposal. Sometimes, those statistics take a hit because of the absence of receivers that are out because of things like an injury or a suspension. In both of those cases, the span of time before they return can make it easier to come to a decision.

If the receivers are only expected to be out for a short period of time, there's no reason to bail on a quarterback whose numbers have tanked because of this issue. However, if that player is out for the remainder of the year, things aren't likely to be improving soon, so start planning accordingly.

Insurance Plans

Many fantasy football players pin their hopes on a single great quarterback, then find themselves in a bind when that player starts scuffling. Since they didn't take into account the fact that big passing games have become commonplace, they ended up only having enough to have a journeyman signal caller waiting in the wings.

Making a late investment in a young quarterback that may be getting their feet wet with a young team has the potential to pay dividends. Not following this strategy means that you might as well stick with your under-performing quarterback and hope for better days because the ceiling on your replacement isn't very high. 

Ominous Scheduling 

Having a struggling quarterback on your fantasy team will give any owner a queasy feeling. Keeping track of the teams that this player will be facing over the next month or so can provide some guidance. That's because problems can be magically wiped away when a struggling signal caller lines up against a defense with multiple holes in it. By the same token, a series of solid defenses on the immediate horizon might be the best time to make a change.

The Right Choice

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