How to Have a Great Fantasy Football Draft Party

fantasy draft party

When the calendar hits August, football season has nearly arrived. Gridiron play used to just mean going to a game or watching it on television, but when fantasy football arrived, the chance to show friends or co-workers your football expertise became possible.

One of the central aspects of any fantasy football league is the player draft. This event doesn't have to be dull, with most groups choosing to throw a party in conjunction with the selecting. In order to make sure that you're set up to keep your affair moving, listed below are some tips on throwing a great party:

Stock Up on Food

These drafts can last for hours, so make sure you have plenty of food. While you don't have to have a catered affair, it helps to be a little more elaborate than pretzels and potato chips in a bowl, with a couple of six-packs in the refrigerator. Order some pizza and wings, though keep the alcohol relatively limited to protect yourself.

Include Fantasy Football T-Shirts

One way to immediately get people into the spirit of the festivities is to give them fantasy football t-shirts for taking part. Consider this their uniform-without the danger of any tackling and injuries taking place! Donning one won't necessarily impart a competitor with the wisdom of a general manager, but you never know.

Taking Care of Business

The fun and games of a draft should inevitably include everyone paying their money up front. That's because there's nothing more frustrating than chasing people down for those funds over the course of a season. In addition, going over the rules beforehand can eliminate drawn-out arguments about whether something is allowed.

Keeping Things Organized

With as many as 20 people taking part in a draft, things can get chaotic. However, investing in fantasy draft boards and fantasy draft labels can alleviate that problem. The fantasy draft labels can be prepared beforehand, while the fantasy draft boards can show everybody who drafted which player.

Move It Along

For some people, making a choice in anything can be a challenge. That can mean your draft becomes an exhaustive marathon, so avoid that problem by setting a time limit for each selection. The early picks should get more time, while the latter selections should be limited to a minute.

Rewarding the Champion

Besides the potential financial benefits of winning in fantasy football, the psychic thrill of that victory should be immortalized in your league by awarding the winner with a fantasy football trophy. It will give the winner a chance to always remember their achievement. While that fantasy football trophy won't be presented until the season is finally over, it can offer each player some incentive to make the right picks.

Fantasy Draft Kits

With all the concerns of throwing your party, it can be frustrating to discover that you've forgotten something. That can be averted when you invest in fantasy draft kits that will include all the necessary materials when it comes to keeping track of draft picks and other draft-related issues. That allows you to focus exclusively on the party side of things.

The Place to Go

My Draft Day is your one-stop source for making sure your draft runs like clockwork. Besides fantasy draft kits, you can also get those fantasy football t-shirts, the fantasy draft labels and fantasy draft boards. We even have a fantasy football trophy so that you can focus on choosing the right players and having fun at the same time.