The List of Unique Fantasy Football Team Names

fantasy football team names

The capturing of a fantasy football trophy serves is the pinnacle for fantasy player and serves as a tangible reward for their hard work. That long stretch began even before the fantasy draft boards had any names attached and before any fantasy football supplies were ordered.

A Wide Variety of Names

One area that doesn't involve a great deal of effort relates to each player's team name. Assuming that they've been selected prior to your draft, those choices can be presented on the fantasy draft labels used to write down the names of players.

These team names run the gamut from basic offerings from serious-minded players all the way to wildly inappropriate or in poor taste. In that vast middle lies some of the more unique names that can be selected, many of them hitting the funny bone for one reason or another.

Humor Definitely Sells

Ideally, some are humorous enough to be seen on fantasy football t-shirts that the team owner might wear to a draft party, though that doesn't necessarily put you in the driver's seat to win that fantasy football trophy. Many of these names tend to be connected to current players and coaches.

For example, one player managed to combine the tag line of Aaron Rodgers' main endorser and Bill Belichick in coming up with Discount Belichick. Another combined running backs Carlos Hyde and Ezekiel Elliott when they chose to go with the name of Hyde and Go Zeke.

Others simply focus their efforts on one player, with names that are a play on a particular individual, such as Jadaveon Clowney, who one player referenced in naming his team Bozo the Clowney. Coaches can also be given fantasy draft labels such as Jack Del Rio, who was immortalized by one player with The Del Rio Grande. Meanwhile, once and future Raiders coach Jon Gruden was remembered by a player who selected You're Not Gruden Nuff.

Looking Beyond the Gridiron

Popular culture can play a key role in choosing names prior to making actual selections on those fantasy draft boards. Songs can serve as the impetus, such as Le'Veon Bell being remembered through a play on a Bon Jovi song: Le'Veon on a Prayer. In addition, movies of the past, such as Dawn of the Dead, find a way to converge with DeShaun Watson by emerging as DeShaun of the Dead.

Blasts From the Past

Looking back a few generations ago, picking up fantasy football supplies weren't part of a fan's mindset. Yet had those individuals of the past been in fantasy football t-shirts while making their selections, they might have been equally creative with contemporary players.

The legendary Dick Butkus would no doubt have resulted in some sketchy names. However, his Chicago Bears teammate, Gale Sayers, might have remembered with Gale-Force Winds or Sayers It Isn't So. New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath could have had someone use their own name in the team moniker, preceded by Say My Namath.

The Best Source 

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