4 Must Have Fantasy Football Trophies For your League

fantasy football trophies

With the 2018 football season in full swing, fantasy football participants are focused on using every possible nugget of information. The goal is to be the best among a particular group of friends, co-workers or acquaintances, with a possible fantasy football trophy being the ultimate prize. 

The type of fantasy football trophies available can vary when recognizing success over the course of a season. At the same time, some groups like adding a little fun to the festivities by including fantasy league trophies for those unfortunate souls who might otherwise want to forget their lack of success during the year. 

In some situations, a group can keep things simple by awarding fantasy football shirts to recognize championship-caliber skill when it comes to their cumulative weekly selections. However, for those feel that a trophy is a more relevant way than fantasy football shirts to have an impact, listed below are four fantasy league trophies that should be in your group's must-have category:

The Thinker Trophy

Success when it comes to fantasy football may have a tinge of luck occasionally attached, but a lot of work also goes into that achievement. Besides accessing pertinent data and keeping abreast of the playing status of individual players, winning or even just thriving in this hobby means being able to astutely strategize your moves.

Recognizing such skills is why being able to award a fantasy football trophy to someone who's determined to think their way to a title can add to the fun. This person doesn't even have to have the best record when the fantasy football trophies are handed out, which helps avoid an all-or-nothing approach that turns some people off.

The Booby Prize

Sometimes, success just isn't in the cards for a participant and they find themselves at the bottom of the heap at the end of the year. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, some groups will recognize this dubious achievement with a trophy. 

The humorous aspects involved can focus on things like a toilet or horse's rear end, which should give all involved a good chuckle. Even the honoree can find something to smile about as they commit to a better approach in the future.

The Burst Through Trophy

Some fantasy participants either have success in their first year or show solid improvement from the previous year, efforts that should be recognized. That's possible with a Burst Through trophy that emphasizes the sudden emergence that's occurred. 

Watching someone come out of nowhere to have success in fantasy football can be exciting, yet nerve-wracking to fellow participants. This is another case where actually winning the top prize isn't required, but offering this accolade may help inspire others to try for it next year.

The Championship Trophy

Of course, the champion should always be recognized with a fantasy football trophy for their achievement. Success over an extended period can be acknowledged with things like a Super Bowl trophy replica, a tower-like trophy or even a ring. 

These can then be prominently displayed in a home to let the outside world know of this success, something that can perpetually serve as an ego-booster. The more dramatic this type of award, such as the Ultimate Trophy from MyDraftDay.com, the more likely a group may see a potential boost in participants.

The Place to Go

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