Fantasy Football Draft Labels

$ 14.00

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Well, you don't want to grab a Sharpie and just write the names on the board do you? What kind of operation are you running anyway?! On the contrary, you're all about quality.

So are we.

When you order a set of labels from you can be assured that:

• You will receive 24 sheets of 1" x 4" multi-colored labels with players' names displayed in alphabetical order by position.

• Each position (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEF) is listed on the corner of the label, as well as given a very manly fluorescent color. And yes, of course, kickers' labels are pink.

• You will receive over 450+ preprinted labels. In other words, if he's going to be contributing to your fantasy team, chances are he's on the list. If you want to write-in a draft pick we provide blank labels from each position group for you to write in your favorite sleeper.

OK, Mr. Commish, unless you're feeling especially generous, you don't have to shell out the entire cost of the board and labels all by yourself. Just have everyone in your league chip in a few bucks. Yup, that tip was free -- you're welcome. No, you're the best.