Fantasy Football Draft Boards

$ 8.00

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"Which came first - the label or the draft board?"

This isn't the website for answering such cosmic puzzlers. Let's focus people. You need to be preparing for the ultimate live draft, right? We can help you. Your first step to running a great live draft is to make sure everyone can follow the action. Do you still have one guy working on an Excel spreadsheet to track who everyone picked? Buy a high quality draft board for just $6 plus shipping - not only will your leaguemates be able to more easily follow the action, but where else would you stick the labels? Disclaimer: The makers of draft boards cannot guarantee that someone in your league won't ask if *fill-in-the-blank* has been picked yet. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless for any pain and suffering caused by stupid questions outside of our control.

Purchase a draft board from and you will receive:
• Your choice of either a 3' x 4' (up to 10 teams, 24 rounds), 3' x 5' (up to 12 teams, 24 rounds), or 3' x 6' (up to 16, teams 24 rounds) draft board.
• Draft boards are printed on heavy paper stock.
• Every draft board will be shipped flat (either United States Post Office or FedEx) 

You can purchase a high quality draft board for your fantasy football league for only $7 (plus a little extra for the larger boards). If you purchase our set of labels (usually $18) along with the draft board, the price is only $24.99 plus shipping for both (again, plus a little extra for the larger boards). 

MYDRAFTDAY.COM SUPER SECRET TIP: Save your draft board for posterity after your league completes its draft. Maybe not next year, maybe not the year after, but sometime in the future, you're really gonna want to pull that bad boy out. Nothing kicks your live draft off right like ripping the poor sap who drafted Marshall Faulk in the 1st round in 2004. Good times.