Fantasy Football Auction Draft Labels

$ 14.00

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Because you asked for them.

Take part in the fastest growing drafting style - AUCTION DRAFTING! Choose Auction Labels while buying your draft kit if you'd like to try this new type of draft.

What are Auction-Style Draft Labels?

We now offer Auction Draft Labels for leagues that use a bidding draft method when selecting players. The auction format label has one space for the given player's cost and one space for the coach's remaining "money." When a coach's second player is picked and placed below his (or her!) first label, the Commish can then subtract from the top label's remaining bid money to give a new total for that coach...and so on. This section of the label works as a subtraction grid for the coach's "salary cap."

If you have any questions about this draft method...let us know!

Auction labels can be substituted for Standard labels in ANY draft kit!